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Atomic spectroscopy in extremely thin cells

The nonlinear polarization of atomic vapor confined in Extremely Thin Cells (ETC) is calculated for arbitrary total momentum of the resonance levels in the case of excitation with linearly polarized light. Using the density matrix equations of motion in the Irreducible Tensor Operator (ITO) representation, analytical solutions are found for the statistical tensor components describing the optical coherence with accuracy up to the third-order terms with respect to the laser field. Following the procedure developed earlier, expressions for the polarization, fluorescence and light absorption are obtained for the case of running waves. Unlike previous works, the characteristic decay constants for the population of the lower and upper resonance levels as well as for the optical coherences are supposed to be different and can be varied. The later makes possible the phenomenological consideration of the influence of different relaxation processes on alkali atom spectra observed in ETC. Simulations based on the model are performed and compared with experimental spectra for the case of 133Cs vapor.

The general description of the problem is given in the file named “Atomic spectroscopy in extremely thin cells”.

More technical details are provided in the file named “Application”.

Mathcad files that realize the described solutions are collected in the zipped archive.

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