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Dear colleagues, 

We invite you to the Seminar on Friday, October 27, at 15.00, room 342, Birzhevaya Liniya 14:

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Dr. Finn Purcell-Milton (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Colloidal Quantum Dots: Synthesis and Photophysical Applications

Colloidal quantum dots are of high scientific and technological importance as these nanomaterials have found a number of valuable applications. In this Talk, Dr. Finn Purcell-Milton will focus on his latest results on developments in the synthesis of colloidal core/shell quantum dots and their properties relevant to photophysical applications. These results clearly illustrate the approach and strategies that must be used when designing optimal photoluminescent and optically active CdSe/CdS core-shell QDs. Dr. Finn Purcell-Milton will also present the synthesis of CdSe@ZnS/ZnS QDs and their application in highly effective luminescent solar concentrator devices.