ITMO University Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics


Research within the OPMNS Department is conducted at the Centre "Information Optical Technologies" (СIOT), equipped with cutting-edge equipment: high-power laser systems, optical, scanning, and electron microscopy, spectral analysis equipment, and various other optical research facilities. The centre facilities allow the research staff of the department to conduct fundamental and applied research on a wide range of problems of modern optics, spectroscopy, condensed matter physics, and light-matter interaction with nanoscale objects. Cloud 1.png

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The department comprises eight international laboratories: 
  • Laboratory "Photophysics of Surfaces"
  • Laboratory "Nonlinear Optics of Condensed Media"
  • Laboratory "Modelling and Design of Nanostructures"
  • Laboratory "Anisotropic and Optically Active Nanostructures"
  • Laboratory "Physics of Carbon Optical and Electrical Nanostructures"
  • Laboratory "Optics of Quantum Nanostructures"
  • Laboratory "Magnetically Controlled Nanosystems for the Theranostics of Oncological and Heart Diseases"
  • Laboratory "Modern Communication Technologies and their Applications for Economics and Finance - Fin Q" 

Together with the groups leaders, the staff of each laboratory include undergraduate students, Ph.D. students, and Post-Docs.

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