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Students of the OPMNS Department took part in the 4th International School and Conference "Saint-Petersburg OPEN 2017"

Students of the OPMNS Department took part in the 4th International School and Conference "Saint-Petersburg OPEN 2017" chaired by Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics (2000), academician Zhores I. Alferov and hosted by the Saint Petersburg Academic University

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The works presented by the students of the OPMNS Department were:

- "Quantum dot-based superstructures: optical anisotropy", Dominica Volgina, undergraduate student

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- "Light transmittance by an asymmetrical metasurface as measured using a laser scanning microscope", Vyacheslav Vasilyev, undergraduate student


- "Transparent glass-ceramics with Yb3+ and Ho3+:YNbO4 nanocrystals for green phosphors", Anna Volokitina,  undergraduate student.