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Tatyana S. Perova

Tatyana S. Perova



Emeritus Fellow



Tadjik State University, Dushanbe (USSR)


Leningrad State University ((now Saint Petersburg State University)

Master of Art

Trinity College Dublin


Director of Microelectronic Technology Laboratory, Trinity College Dublin 2000 - 2013

Research Fellow at School of Engineering, Trinity College Dublin - 1996-2000

Senior Researcher at Vavilov State Optical Institute (St.-Petersburg) - 1985-1996

Researcher at Vavilov State Optical Institute (St.-Petersburg) 1979-1985

Lecturer at School of Physics, Tadjik State University, Dushanbe (USSR) 1969 – 1973


Visiting Professor:

Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Oct.-Nov. 1995

Visiting Fellow:

Ireland: School of Engineering, Trinity College, Dublin,

Jan-Apr/1992; Jan-May/1993; Nov/1993-Mar/1994; Sep/1994-Apr/1995; Dec/1995-May/1996

Denmark: Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, May-June, 1998

Germany: Technishe Universität Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin, June, 1994;

Leipzig University June, 1996;

Poland: Department of Molecular Physics, University of Silesia, Apr-Jun 1997

Research interests

Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of condensed matter

Spectroscopic investigation of semiconductor


Fabrication and characterization of silicon based microstructures and nanostructures

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