ITMO University Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

Masters programmes
in nanotechnology and nanomaterials

The OPMNS Department welcomes applications from graduates with physical and engineering background. We offer tree two-year programmes for Master's degree: "Optics of nanostructures" and "Physics and technology of nanostructures" (joint programme with Aalto University, Finland). The programmes are held in the research labs of CIOT and (in the case of a joint Russian-Finnish masters programme) at the Department of Micro- and Nanosciences (Aalto University, Helsinki). 


Our advantages

  • Broad curriculum in physics of nanostructures, one of the most chellenging and cutting-edge fields of modern science.
  • You will receive training in the research group leading in synthesis, theoretical and experimantal investigation and relevant applications of quantum nanostructures in optoelectronics, photonics, biology and medicine.
  • The Department's labs are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, which we use to develop your skills in experimental design and data analysis.
  • Salary for those students, who take part in research activity of the Department.
  • Scholarships opportunities from the Government and different russian and foreign scientific societies.
  • Internships in world leading research groups and presentations on russian and international conferences.
  • You will have an opportunity to be involved in highly relevant, interesting scientific work and get exсiting experience of participation in big, well-paid research projects.

Future perspectives

  • After graduation you will be highly employable in research centres, innovative business and management of high-tech products.
  • Well-paid PhD positions are open at the OPMNS Department for talented and motivated graduates.
  • An extensive network of our scientific contacts (Trinity College (Ireland), Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil), Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (Germany), University of Kassel (Germany), Monash University (Australia)) is also an opportunity to continue a career in science outside of ITMO University.

International admissions

Entry requirements

To apply for postgraduate programme you should hold bachelor degree (or equivalent) in Physics or Technology.

Application process

You can apply for Masters programmes of the OPMNS Department using electronic Student Application Form. Then you will need to print out the Application Form and send it to ITMO Admissions office.

ITMO University welcomes international students. You may find additional information on the Admission office page.

Description of the programmes

We are looking for students who will study experimental and theoretical physics with inspiration. Our students get experience in modern methods of physical experiment with our state-of-art instrumentation, and in parallel they gain necessary theoretical skills to deal with challenging tasks of physics and nanotechnology. Research practice and internships in leading universities and research centres are constantly involved in learning process. Students get published in top scientific journals and give presentations at russian and international conferences. Broad curriculum in new and fast developing field of nanotechnologies gives to our graduates plenty of opportunities to build distinguished career both in industry and in academia.

Joint Russian-Finnish Masters programme «Physics and Technology of Nanostructures»

Choosing this joint programme you will spend the first year of your study in ITMO University and the second year - in Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland). The programme is taught in English, graduates earn a double degree and receive two separate diplomas (Russian and Finnish). Important: after the first year you will have to get the TOEFL certificate.


  • History and methodology
    of Photonics and Optoinformatics
    Department's course
  • Introduction to Nanotechnology Department's course
  • Nanoplasmonics Department's course
  • Physical Chemistry of Nanostructures
    / Nonlinear Optics
     Department's course
  • Foreign Language Humanities
  • Research Practice Research
  • Methods and Techniques
    of research
    Department's course
  • Quasiparticles in Solids Department's course
  • Big Data and Calculation using Supercomputer Special course
  • Philosophy Humanities
  • Management in Photonics Industry
    / Business Etiquette
    / Emotional self-regulation in professional activity
  • Research Practice Research
  • Physics of nanostructures Department's course
  • Physical processes in molecular
    systems and low-dimensional quantum structures
    Department's course
  • LC system with nanoparticles
    / Optics of LC media
    Department's course
  • Applications of Nanostructures
    / Nanostructures in electronics, biology, medicine
    Department's course
  • Microfabrication Aalto University's course
  • Nanotechnology
    / Surface Physics
    Aalto University's course
  • Special Assignment
    in Electrophysics
    Aalto University's course
  • Microsystem Technology Aalto University's course
  • Foreign Language Humanities
  • Research Practice Research
  • Research Practice Research
  • Industry practice Research
  • Masters thesis Research